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I practice using an approach called




Every session will begin and end with a brief assessment, so we can really see if you are getting the improvement you want.  Also after each session you get to give me a grade, so you can let me know what is or isn’t working for you.



All counseling is founded on trust.  So the first step in counseling is forming a trusting relationship, where I can offer you support, and we can both be real with each other.  During that process, you may also find it helpful to get certain things off your chest.  They might not even be the things you wanted to work on, but you just need to say them out loud to a real live human.  


agenda setting

Next we will discuss exactly what change you want.  Sometimes this is crystal clear when people come in, and sometimes it is more vague.  Either way, we will work to be as specific as possible about what you want the outcome of our work together to be.  We will also discuss the pros and cons of change, and what you will have to do to get the change you want.  Oftentimes people discover that what they want to change also says some great things about them - for example, feeling guilty shows you have a high moral standard.  Agenda setting helps us to be clear on your motivation to change, and whether the rewards are worth the work.



Once we have our agenda set, we have over 50 different techniques, drawn from several different “schools” of therapy.  We will start using those techniques to help you make the changes you want.  Along the way we will take note of which techniques work best for you, so that you will be able to use them on your own later.

how much?

My standard rate for a 50 minutes session is $175.  I’ve found we get way more than twice as much done in a double session, which would last for 110 minutes and cost $350.

If you can't afford this and don't have insurance, please contact me anyway. I maintain some spaces for clients who need a sliding fee. 


If you have United HealthCare, Optum or UMR insurance, I am in network with them.

For other insurance companies, I can supply you with the paperwork you need to file claims with them.


I am a level 4 TEAM-CBT Therapist and Trainer. I Currently facilitate an online consultation and training group for TEAM Therapists. I am also developing other trainings, so check back regularly.

I am also available for free workshops or speaking for community groups.

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